Superdroid HD2 Swateod Treaded Robot W5DOF

Superdroid HD2 Swateod Treaded Robot W5DOF

• Rugged all-terrain tracked platform designed for SWAT • Powerful 5 Degree of freedom robot arm • Dual camera system with night vision • Bi-directional audio communication • Nitrogen flush system on the PTZ camera (for cold weather use) • Pelican case style controller with 7″ LCD display • Resistant black powder coated finish • Can be customized to satisfy your tactical requirements

• Built to order, please allow 3-4 month lead time

The SuperDroid HD2 SWAT/EOD Tactical Treaded Robot is an all-terrain remote-controlled robot designed for defense, EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal), law enforcement (tactical, SWAT), security, and surveillance applications. Built like a tank, its sealed (watertight) chassis is made from welded aircraft grade aluminum which is ribbed and gusseted for extra rigidity and strength. The track system is also very robust, using CNC cut rubber treads, composite wheels with 1″ thick timed teeth and Polyurethane idler wheels which provides tolerance to changes in temperature, speed, debris, etc. The SuperDroid HD2 SWAT/EOD Tactical Treaded Robot has the ability to climb stairs and go over most terrain.

The control system

(14 channel 2.4Ghz frequency spectrum):

  • • Housed in a robust Pelican case. • Controls the tracked platform’s mobility. • Controls the Pan/Tilt/Zoom on the primary camera. • Controls the 5 degrees of freedom robot arm. • Selectable video feed on the robot (primary camera/arm camera/split screen). • Video feed displayed on a 7″ LCD screen • On Screen Display of battery status (Voltage, capacity, consumption in mAh) • 2 extra channels for optional weapon systems (Tazer, breaching gun, etc.). • Switch for visible LED illumination on primary camera. • RCA video output connector.• Transmission signal boosted from 500mW to 1000mW

5 degree of freedom robot arm:

  • • Robust arm capable of lifting 20lbs • 4″ gripper with continuous wrist rotation • 140 degree elbow movement • 180 degree shoulder movement•~300 degree base rotation

Bi-directional audio system

(462.550 ~ 467.7125 MHz):

  • • A high gain microphone mounted on the robot • Non-amplified horn style speaker mounted on the robot • An integrated speaker in Pelican remote with headset bypass• Midland GXT 1000 VP4 based communication system

Camera system

(910 MHz):

  • • The primary camera is a 0 lux Sony CCD Super HAD with 27x autofocus optical zoom. Nitrogen flush system to combat condensation or fogging in extreme weather conditions/transitions. • A secondary camera mounted near gripper is a totally sealed SHARP CCD Infrared camera with integrated IR LED illumination (10 meters).• Transmission signal boosted from 500mW to 1000mW

Power system:

  • • External charging jacks • 24VDC Batteries for motors • 12VDC battery for video/control• 12VDC battery for the control console

What’s Included?

  • • Fully assembled and tested HD2 Tactical Robot • Pelican case controller • All required accessories (battery chargers, headset, etc.) • Set of spare batteries with connectors• Robust shipping and storage case


Tracked Robot Platform:

  • • Width: 22 inches • Length: 38 inches • Height (tread height): 9.5 inches• Weight: ~400 lbs shipping weight